Google Adsense Secrets Revealed - Pats 15 Keys To Failure

“Help! Google banned me from the AdSense program!”
This is a common cry that you will hear on AdSense related forums. Yet another person who failed to read and adhere to the Google AdSense program policies. It happens every single day. Will it happen to you?The worst mistake you can possibly make in the Google AdSense program is not reading the rules, or not following those rules. So, if you have not already done so, stop what you are doing, and go read the Google AdSense Program Policy, as well as the
Webmasters Guidelines that Google has provided. These are found within your Google AdSense account.
Other than breaking the rules and getting banned, there are also numerous mistakes that people make that cause them to fail with Google AdSense. The biggest mistake is failing to do research before choosing a topic for your site.If you’ve chosen a topic that few people are interested in, you will fail. It won’t matter how nice or informative your site is. If people aren’t interested, they aren’t going to search for it, and they aren’t going to visit.Failing to blend the Google AdSense ads in with your site is another common mistake. Learn to use the tools that Google gives you. Use the palette to make your ads look like content on your pages. For example, use the ad link ads above or below – or even in the middle of – your navigational links on your page. This will get them more clicks. See below for an example from the Adware/Spyware site: Also, use the limits that Google has set on the ad units, ad link unit, search units, and referral units on each and every page of your site. The more you have on there, the more clicks you will receive.
Keep in mind my suggestion on fewer ad units; the highest paying ads are always shown, and if you have fewer ad blocks, it will make you more money per click. Your site’s design and layout will ultimately decide what’s best – you need to test it to make sure.
Another common mistake that people make is assuming that they can hurry up and get rich from Google AdSense sites and throwing together sites in two minutes. While you do want an empire of sites, those sites must be valuable to the visitors. 
They must be worth visiting. In fact, even if your purpose is to earn income from Google AdSense, AdSense rules specifically state that you are not to build sites with the specific purpose of running AdSense ads.
Tweaking and tuning is vital to your success. Let’s say that you’ve done the research, chosen a well searched for, high paying niche, and built a fabulous site.
You’ve placed AdSense code on the site, and you are getting a good amount of traffic to that site, but your ads aren’t being clicked on. Something is wrong somewhere and it is your job as an AdSense publisher to find the problem and fix it.
Then there are those that do have AdSense success, and act too quickly on it. One month, they become a member of the ‘UPS Club,’ which is the AdSense publishers term for people that make so much money from AdSense that their checks are literally delivered via UPS, not postal mail.
So, you become a member of the UPS club, and you quit your day job.
That’s a huge mistake. First, Google could change their rules at the drop of a hat, and your AdSense revenue could fall dramatically. Many things can go wrong.
That doesn’t mean that AdSense can’t replace your income, it can if you do it right, but because things can change so fast, it is wise to have a years worth of salary equal to what you earn from your traditional job, in the bank, before you quit that job and depend on AdSense.
If you do this, and Google makes changes that have a negative impact on your income, you will still be okay financially until you can make changes to your sites that will get the AdSense income flowing again.