Google Adsense Secrets Revealed - Pats 11 Traffic Generation - Social Bookmarking

The potential in Social Bookmarking has increased dramatically during 2007. “You need Social Bookmarking!”
Social bookmarking is a key element of Web 2.0, and it is a great way to get a great deal of traffic, in a very short amount of time. It is very easy and fast to do, and it’s also free. 
Social bookmarking sites are essentially places where people who are registered can list – or bookmark – their favorite sites. Those bookmarks are shared with all other users of the social bookmarking site
as well. Millions of people use these sites on a daily basis.Here is what you do. You go to and register. 
Again, it’s free. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you will be presented with what looks like a form. This is actually a list of social bookmarking sites, and you need to open up each of those sites (in a new page or tab) and register with them.
Go back to the page at and put in the username and password you used for each of those sites, and click the save button. Now, follow the directions on the site, and move the icon up into your toolbar. You are ready to start social bookmarking!
Go to each page on your website. Click the icon in your toolbar, and you will be brought to a page at Fill in the information, tagging that page with the keywords that are relevant to it. Hit the submit button. instantly sends that bookmark, along with its tags (i.e. keywords), to all of those social bookmarking sites.
Do that for each page on your site, and each time you add a new page to your site. Now, when other members of those social bookmarking sites are looking for information, they go to their favorite social bookmarking site, type in their keyword, and if it is a keyword that you used, your site pops up in the results. Again, you get traffic fairly fast from social bookmarking.
It takes approximately one hour to get fully set up for social bookmarking, but bookmarking one page takes less than one minute. So, even if you have a twenty page website, it will only take you an hour and twenty minutes to get fully set up, and get each of those pages bookmarked.
You can also ask others to add your page to their favorite social bookmarking site. Unlike search engines, where there are a variety of factors in play that determine how high you rank, with the social bookmarking sites, when more people add your site to their bookmarks at the social networking sites, the higher your page appears in the search results at those sites.
You can’t pay them for a higher listing. So, ask friends and relatives to bookmark your site, and also post an invitation to do this on your website directly as well.
You will also be building inbound links to your site, which will aid in search engine optimization. Remember that these sites are considered ‘important’ by the search engines, which makes those inbound links very valuable.
Note that many people now use social bookmarking sites to find information that they are interested in more than they use search engines. The search engines seem to have become polluted with advertisements that may not even be related to the keywords.