Google Adsense machine money the largest in the World?

Part of a site AdSense AdSense is Google's advertising services. Written by web or even a blog can subscribe to this program to post the ads as text, images, and now the video on its website. The ad was coordinated by Google and generate a profit on the principle of charging for each click and charged for each
Google uses its search technology to make the ad link is compatible with the contents and location of access, language as well as many other elements of web pages using AdSense. Those who want to advertise via AdSense, the system can sign up through AdWords. AdSense has become the online advertising services the most popular thanks to "harmonize" the ad's content with the content of web pages, different ways to use banner ads are still popular in the past. Also placement of ads AdSense links do not cause discomfort for those who visit as the banners. 
AdSense uses JavaScript code to put content ads on member sites. If the code is inserted into a web page that Mediabot not been examined, then, seems to be kind to people registered as members of AdSense, it will temporarily make an advertisement for charitable purposes ( Public Service Announcement (PSA) or Community Service Announcement (CSA)). ((Note that Mediabot is an independent survey to Googlebot only manage the Google search index.) 

Many pages wweb use AdSense to monetize its content and also many site owners attempt to increase earnings from AdSense. They do this in three ways: 

Using a variety of techniques to create information flow to and from their website by (but not only) online advertising! Write down all or also an effective way. 
Build valuable content on their site to create the attraction from the AdSense ads bring more money when click on it. 
Using several different forms to encourage visitors to click on advertising links. Also note that Google AdSense prohibit users to use sentences like "Click on my AdSense ads" (Please click on my ad) to increase the number of clicks on your AdSense account.The question is accepted as "Sponsored Links" (Sponsored Links) or "Advertisement" (Advertising). 
Sources of payment for users to AdSense from the AdWords program. But the mechanism to charge for advertising AdWords users is complex and is based on an auction model that contained the highest bidder pays the amount equal to the amount of high-priced Monday (Vickrey auction). 


Operation mechanisms within the AdSense control technology from WordNet and Simpli, a company built by the founder of Wordnet - George A. Miller - and a number of professors and graduate students from Brown University, including James A. Anderson, Jeff Stibel and Steve Reiss. A variant of this technique using Wordnet was developed by Oingo, a small Internet search company based in Santa Monica was founded in 1998. Oingo mainly based on search terms of semantics rather rough looking style search string. Literally is a search made by Oingo proved smarter. This makes the results more consistent returns with the wishes of the search. Oingo then changed its name to Applied Semantics, which later was bought by Google for $ 102 million dollars in April 2003 to replace a similar system being developed them. 

AdSense for feeds 

In May 2005, Google launched AdSense for feeds (Adsense for feeds), a version of AdSense runs on RSS and Atom feeds has over 100 subscribers. According to the official Google blog, "the ad should now have their ad placed on feeds, feeds issuers get paid and feed readers will see ads related to content of feeds. " 

AdSense for feeds works by inserting images into the feeds. When the image is read by the receiving feeds, Google writes the ad content depending on the content of the feeds around the image. When the user clicks on that image, they will be directed to web pages of ads like AdSense ads normally. 

AdSense for search 

These programs usually come with AdSense, AdSense for search (AdSense for search) for web writers put a Google search box on their main web page. When users search with the same search box, Google will share the proceeds from the search query is done from the website's search box located there. However participants are paid only when the ad links on the results click. Google does not pay for clicks on search results normal. 

How it works AdSense 

Every time visitors to the site have embedded AdSense, a piece of JavaScript writes an ifram card (an embedded code to an external content to the main content of page.)Javascript allows finding the main keywords in the page's content and will searches for caching in Google's servers a set of keywords is compatible with high levels of use. If keywords have been buffered, the ads will be taken based on the AdWords auction system. 


Some site owners create specialized pages to attract people searching with Google and other search engines so that they click on the link advertising to make money. The pages that often there is nothing unique content, but contains a large number of overlapping links and content automatically (eg a directory with content from the Open Directory Project, or scavenged content from other sites based on the content of the RSS). Perhaps most types of "AdSense farms" are the splogs ("spam blogs") focuses primarily on those keywords are high paying ads. Most of these sites use content from other famous sites such as Wikipedia in order to attract visitors. The behavior of this type can be viewed as a form of search spam (search engine spam) and should be reported to Google. 
They also found some Trojans create fake Google ads are formatted like the real thing.The Trojan will be downloaded to your computer secrets through the site and then replace the ads with ad real danger. 


Due to problems related to false clicks, Google AdSense has been criticized by some company websites are optimized to appear in the top of search results due to the large number of clicks does not have to be rival companies use to increase their advertising costs. Thus many of the members AdSense websites have been blocked by Google, although many of them that they completely play by the rules of Google AdSense. 
To combat false click, the ad may choose to use some programs to detect click. This is a type of program to identify visitors. They allow the display of information about the visitor and click on AdSense ads. Those ads could use this information to determine whether they are true victims of click fraud or not. There are many scenarios (script) This form is sold but also an open source program has the same function is AdLogger. 

Google also has been criticized for allowing AdWords advertisers to abuse trademarks.In 2004, Google started allowing advertisers to bid on any search technology, including the brand's competitors. 

Method of payment to participants of Google advertising programs have been criticized heavily. Under the provisions of Google, the ads are only paid when collecting the full amount of at least 100 dollars. Meanwhile, for those who participate do not have the stature to get the 100 dollars they take a very long time, even years.