Google + 10 million users share a data rate / day

Although that is in the limited test, but after a half months was officially launched beta, social networking, Google + was rolled landmark 10 million users around the world with a rate of interest is to share each days. 

CEO Larry Page at the conference quarter financial statements. 

CEO Larry Page of Google has provided impressive statistics on the social network debuted its new conference quarter financial statements took place yesterday.According to him, buttons +1 (a version of the Like button on Facebook) be press its 2.3 billion times a day. 

Share with analysts, he said Larry was a day up to 550,000 phone running the Android operating system is activated, and also in one day 160 million people using Google Chrome web browser. 

Google reported its net income in the second quarter reached 2.51 billion USD 9.03 billion in total revenue, up 32% over the same period last year (1.84 billion USD). 

CEO Larry Page also said the search and advertising is its main source of income.Monday Group products and investment is being optimized in the long term, including video sharing network YouTube, Android, and Chrome browser. Internet giant is also investing in the first three groups of products, including Google + social networking, commerce search platform for online retailers Commerce Google, and Google Local positioning applications. 

Revenue on Google Sites page up 39% over last year, reaching 6.23 billion - accounting for 69% of its total revenue. Meanwhile, the partner sites to help Google bring about USD 2.48 billion, 28% of total revenue - up 20% in 2010. 

Another impressive statistic is that Google's revenue outside the U.S. reached USD 4.87 billion, or 54% of total revenue, up 2% from last year. 

Internet giant does not give the expected financial situation in the third quarter.