DoubleClick is the next target Google

The attack on the MyDoom worm's search website yesterday that online advertising services were seriously affected. 

Since yesterday morning, the host of DoubleClick, the company provides advertising services to commercial Web sites, began to receive a letter asking a series of "ghost" that many sites may not display ads . The attack occurred shortly after the raid on the provider's leading online service. 

According to the company Keynote Systems, the phenomenon that consumers can not access popular website for nearly 40. Specifically, Nortel Networks, Gateway, MCI, CNN and Schwab are the sites most severely affected. 

As representatives of DoubleClick, the attack towards the DNS server, causing serious disruption of services (through denial of service) of 900 customers. The anonymous hacker has led the "bombing" by controlling the entire personal computer was previously infected. Then we will instruct the target computer "bombarded" DoubleClick. 

The security expert said this attack is similar incidents occurred last month Akamai. According to them, the hacker attack on DoubleClick found that they just make such an incident can also control 95% of Internet activity.