Bid Gap So, What is?

Google that allows for a maximum of three AdSense ad units (plus a textlink ads and a Google search box) is displayed on a website. It is best to run a maximum of three ads, so as to display your ad more chances it was hit with all the higher.But sometimes less advertising than it is to earn you more money. This case has caused Google Bid Gap.

Bid Gap So What?

Bid gap is the difference in price between the Google ads.Position the top always takes the most money, the lower position will cost less money. The difference between the top four positions are very low. However, when the position is a pretty big difference. For example, for high paying keywords on the first four lines could be $ 5.00, $ 4.99, $ 4.98 and $ 4.97 and only 10 cents for the first five. Only 1 cent difference between the current position from 1-4, but the difference between the current $ 4.87 at No. 4 and No. 5.

If you give up some Google ads displayed, make sure you have an ad block is the highest paying ad block and two low-paid a lot less. Then the opportunity for readers click on an ad is very low pay is high because many ads are displayed little money. In this case, it is preferable that you reduce the number of ads Google to remove the ads big difference.

The Adwords advertisers know that most of the size of Google ads only show up to four ads. They know that some of the site just put a block of Google ads to compete for the first four positions on the block that is very high. Price for 4 second place and 4 are much lower Tuesday position often is the site for MFA (Made for AdSense).

Sometimes, less can be more

Reduce the number of AdSense ads on a page will help you earn more from each click. However, it will also reduce the total number of clicks that you get because there are few ad impressions. You must monitor results to ensure that advertising revenue continues to increase. Generally, when the ads on the same block is the difference big money it is best to reduce the number of ads displayed on that block.

There is no way to see the difference in price of Google ads.For some reason does not or does not say that Google should tone it. The best way in this case is to create custom channel for each ad unit to track their results. If a CPM ad units have lower signal to other units with the same ratio as each click, it just shows the gap is very large bid. Take the ad to go to see the ads when received left click over there to offset the lost revenue or not. If the difference is big enough to remove the ad to the ad or remove extra more.