Automatic Color Change Adsense Ads to Help You Increase Revenue

Actually there is nothing superior but by you to join adsense not paying attention so that I may forget to do this. The ads the same format but every time you open a blog or post is fixed, the border color, title and content of the adsense ads will show a different way according to your setting. 

If you talk about the advantages of this procedure is quite a few you know. When we see an article or a blog
you will see ads and ads that show all day with the same color will get bored and click rate will decrease. Instead, if the ad like that, every last refresh or open a different color that makes the reader curious and the ability to click is quite high. 

This procedure is not only illegal but also Google Google encourages use, there is no reason why you do not apply at all. 

Please share how you do the following reference to the circumstances: 

Step 1: You log into your adsense account. 

Step 2: Choose the adsense setup tab then select Adsense for Content, then select Text Ad Ad Unit and select only down as the procedure only applies to text only format. 

Step 3: Select the format, such as 300 × 250. Then select the color you click on the box Default Google Palette will look like this: 

You select the Use Multiple Palettes, will show the options, simply hold down Ctrl and select the color you like. The illustrations will be displayed next to your reference. 

Step 4: Click continue to select a blog where you will insert the new format. Note that you should select the channel for the effectiveness of the latter slightly. 

Step 5: Copy and paste code into blog. When the paste is complete, every time you open the blog, the ad format that displays one of six different colors that you choose, you can create your favorite color to be inserted as well. 

I liked the way that Google illustrates this procedure on a video below. Every time this guy wears a new outfit in the room, the members were dilated eyes look like an alien. Put adsense ad example also changed the ability to increase the click is understandable: