AdSense helps Google to index the site better?

This is something I accidentally discovered when placing the block of Google ads on your blog. When I built my blog, I've put the Google ad block, but after a while I remove Google ads from my blog for two reasons:

First: "Content is King - Content is the King", this is a long-term strategy I applied for my blog. Therefore I have removed the Google ads and decided to develop content for the blog and find ways to promote it before thinking about making money from it.

Monday: Because not many people know traffic is low and should certainly not highly effective. In approximately one month block ads placed by Google, I only earn 9USD, but most of that money to bring back from referring users to download Firefox from the toolbar and Google search. Since efficiency is not high, it's more slow loading speed of my blog so I decided to remove the blog from Google AdSense.

After removing the Google AdSense, I painstakingly write and write and promote your blog in multiple places, many major forum in the hope they will help Pagerank Google will visit my blog frequently and index more more. But the result was not what I expected.

These diagrams indicate how often you visit the Google robot to index the blog:

Before removal from the Google AdSense blog, the number of page on my blog indexed by Google is more than the other search engines. But now, it was the other search engines to index my blog for more detail you can see results in 3 major search engines on the Internet are Yahoo, AlltheWeb and Altavista. They almost beat the index for every part of my blog.

And Google, why? Results growing worse, not only do not visit as often as at an ad, not only add an index page for my blog but even more on the page number in my blog Google's index dwindling.

During the search for development blog, I've tried many times and change keyword Title and description meta tags to blog in search of a Title and an optimization of keyword for your blog . I think that this is one of the causes disorientation when Google index my blog. What about other causes?

While Google is going down often to visit and index the blog, Yahoo, AlltheWeb and Altavista are growing and mostly they do not skip any corners on my blog. So I think that is also another reason Google makes little visit my blog, and I think the reason is because I have removed the blog from Google AdSense.

Why did I assumed that?

First, comparison chart clearly shows that Google has at least visit my blog more often after I remove AdSense. It is obvious that I see.

Monday: The children of Google AdSense Bot and are sure to have a relationship with each other. Make sure the tag to display AdSense ads will be taken from the data by the Bot is collected. Not so foolish that Google has developed two systems collect different information for Google Search and Google AdSense as this is very expensive and very wasteful.Make sure they have a database to use for both Google Search and Google AdSense. Bot will help you gather information about the site to use AdSense and AdSense will help reverse the Bot works regularly and efficiently. So I think removing the AdSense ad block is a mistake.

Tuesday: I think Google will care and pay more attention to the site can put their ads. Because of websites and especially blogs are growing like mushrooms should be asking Google to visit often as it used to be impossible. And indeed we see that level of visit of the small Sie Google Bot come less and less and sparse. We're assuming that Google offers public purposes is enormous, but also because of them. Therefore they must pay more attention the site has put their ads, that is also optimized for their profit.

With this reasoning, I suggest: "Putting AdSense ads on a site visit and will help Google index the site more often and better."

This may be a new discovery of mine, but also a knowledge of old people have long known that I do not know. This may be true but may be wrong, simply because that's just a personal hypothesis for a case that is not widely tested. So I hope you all to review and comment on the subject.

And to clarify this hypothesis, I continue to put Google AdSense ads on his blog to verify.