5 tips to help improve SEO for your Website, Blog

Sometimes, the application developer can create many technical decisions for web applications, which will directly affect the search rankings of the other programs. For online applications, such as Shopping Cart, the application of Search Engine Optimization - SEO is vital to the affected application. 

1. Establish formal link URL: 

In fact, the Search Engine is not "fun" with you to create multiple URLs, but only point to a single content page, but on the contrary, the search engine will carry out filtering and sorting for each URL, and
consequently your product out quickly slipped in the rankings. We can easily see this in the model shop online - Shopping Cart, which gathers a lot of the search, classified information, and all turn to the content is quite similar self. Recently, Google introduced 1MO the new system, through which the contents of each page is assigned a URL and a separate formal. If we apply this model in fact effective search from the Search Engine will be greatly improved. 

2. Such information is important to prioritize: 

Have you ever been the case the results of your search leads to a web page with no content related? Well, the reality is.For many years, the spammers appear more and more, find every possible way to upset the process design as well as search results from Search Engine discretion, the site contains no real information Never get high rankings. But now, users need not worry about it, because the developer has to integrate the criteria and tools to support screening, sorting the results in order to reduce the level of disadvantage for users. In addition, the Search Engine today also have a mechanism to ignore the information in the form of text characters with little or no more hits. 
On the other hand, you need to be careful when applying the technical tips of AJAX and CSS. If in the process between the modules, some information may be hidden text, then similarly, the Search Engine will ignore that information. So, you consider and pay attention to important details. 
3. Applications must be friendly both to users with disabilities: 

This is the first point to note for those who develop applications, they need to think about cases of people with disabilities. Details should be presented fully, clearly and easily search, sort and use ... All these factors have contributed to higher ranking positions with Search Engine program. 

4. Use the title and brief description information: 

The creation of web applications use a common application form with the title, a description of all components within the page is simple and easy. However, this step is really simple only if the application is made to be able to insert values ​​as required, depending on the technical configuration or extracted from the database. Accompanying it, the search engine's Search Engine is easy "adaptation" than with the content you are paging, which is equivalent to title and content description (with a 1). For example, the use of names of specific products in the Shopping Cart as the title for the page is a pretty good way and bring highly effective. 

5. Using the HTML code "quality": 

Surely the less time you have not encountered cases where the site was "broken" due to code HTML. In the opinion of many experts identified "culprits" as ASP.NET WebForm, including too many control components other details, thus leading to "broken page" above. If possible, you move on to a number of model systems such as ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails or PHP to reduce the amount of "data redundancy" in the HTML page. Besides, we can reduce the startup time of the website and download data, speed up access ... and of course, performance will increase. 
Of course, these reviews have taken may not include all of the intimate relationship between web applications and Search Engine, but if you follow the five suggestions will help you improve the performance of any part work. We look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions of readers via comment section below. I wish you success!