13 things to lock the account Adsense

There are some common mistakes made by advance or new users of Google Adsense. These mistakes lead to block account and give nothing from Google other than wastage of time and tension.

1. Never click your own ads in whatever way
Coincidentally this is number 1, because i want to tell you 85% of why Google Adsense ban you is because you either tried to be fun to test the system by clicking on your own ads or you gave an accidental click on your site. For those who tried to test the system, good luck, as for those who gave an accidental click, there is a way to help you not get ban, give Google Adsense a courtesy mail and tell them you accidentally click on your own ads and they will help you in some ways. Remember how you own up when
you did something wrong, your parents forgive you.

2. Never Change or implement new codes in your Adsense
When you have configured your Adsense code, make sure you do not meddle with the script nor the ads codes. The only code that you may change are the color and banner size code, again i warn those who are not proficient in HTML to not try this, go back to the product and reset the configurations.

3. Open 1 Account for 10 websites
If you have 10 websites which you want to use Adsense, then 1 account is sufficient, there is no requirement for you to open another 10 more, even with 10 more a small mistakes can land all your accounts into the "publisher burying sections".

4. Give labels like sponsors or advertisements only
Do not misled your ads to your audiences, that is one of Google's principle, place labels like Sponsors, advertisements are fine but not "Click here for more" or "Great offers". Don't get banned by Google for such acts.

5. Never let your ads launch in a new browser
It is not advisable for your to change the coding in the first place and by adding a code like target ing ads to open in a new browser is against the TOS. Some publishers uses ads code in "Target=_blanck" that is against Google policies.

6. Do not join click farms that provide you click on your ads
They claimed that they’ll deliver clicks to your ads and all you do is to join and pay them by certain amount. Always keep in mind that using such methods to earn your clicks is highly prohibited. Don't pay money for things that don't return

7. Using 3rd party programs to improves impressions
Like how you should never use Click ads program, you should not use auto surf or paid surfing program to increase your impressions with Google, this will get you out of Adsense program.

8. Encouraging Clicks
It is not advisable that you encourage others to click on your ads, sentences like "click on mine ads and i will click on yours" or "click on my ads to discover more" is all prohibited and can cause your Adsense account to be disabled.

9. Pop-up or pop-under ads are not allowed to work with Adsense
Adsense discourages having both their ads with pop-up or pop-under ads from external services.

10. Never send your Adsense ads out through email
If you are one of those who are trying to outsmart Google, they beat you first. Using HTML emails and delivering your Adsense is not going to work, it might just give you a slap on your own face and prepare for your Adsense to be closed in the next few days.

11. Do not use directive methods to lure clicks
While placing images with borders to separate ads is not a problem, having images like arrows or other graphical gimmicks that directs others to click is also not allowed.

12. Ensure you are language supported
Presenting irrelevant ads on other languages is also not allowed so make sure your ads actually supports these languages “Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish”. Do not use Adsense if your language is not stated here.

13. Do not mask your Adsense ads
While blending your ads with your content is one of the way you can improve your earnings, take note that Google does not allow you to blend the color of the url with the background. Do not hide away relevant components that are shown by Google.
Quote: Pakiisp.com