11 best ways to make money with Google Adsense without your own website

After a while wandering on the net, I've compiled a few experiences and share with the Uncle wants to make money with Google Adsense without a blog / website. Here is one website that allows you to display Google AdSense ads and earn their money based on their traffic. 

If he did not have a blog or website to put Adsense ads, I would say that no charges of creating blog or website to do for the effort. Of course those who have a blog and website, then you can still use the 2's okay. Currently, there are many services that allow 100% revenue share while displaying adsense for its users / members. Below is a list of 10 hottest service that you can use the Adsense IDs to make money (Adsense ID usually begins with the letter pub-123456789). 

Simpy is a social network that allows users to bookmark pages and interesting articles. 
Simpy Google AdSense support as a partner 3. Each Simpy member has a page on Simpy (eg tvtinh). After you have created a separate page, members can enter their IDs into Adsense code and immediately Adsense ads will be displayed in the member's ID and the income from the adsense ads that will belong to that member's ID because they have adsense ads on that. 

Digital Point Forums forums for webmasters. 
This forum is an ad showing just above the right side as well as in the last post to anyone viewing it. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads to content on that page. Google will pay you based on the impression and click. 
If you do have AdSense account, will be able to make money with Google Adsense ads when they start or participate in forums. 

Articlemuse.com is a post you save the information in all fields. 

Share placement of ads: Google ads alongside the content of the article. 
Share ratio: your ads will be shown in any of the articles that you submit, ensuring 100% until the end of 2006! 

Xpress Ideas is a directory of articles. 

If you have Google Adsense ID, you can enter that ID when you register on this website. Google ads in the middle of the article will be Google Adsense ads bring your ID, which means that if someone clicks on those ads, even on XpressIdeas you'll also earn money! 

Cybersist is to allow you to share photos and blog, free webmail, file storage and much more. 
Google adsense ads will be shown on seven different positions on public blogs and photos of your pages. Those ads will be optimized to attract the attention of visitors. Any click on those ads will pay you through Google AdSense. 

TagTooga is a free directory that anyone can edit. 
Very easy to use TagTooga.com to make money. There are two ways to make money here: 
(1) Link to TagTooga.com. Traffic sent from your link will display the Google ads using your Adsense ID. 

(2) Create a category or tag your own pages. 

ForuMatrix the posting page. 
The post will display your own 100% of your Adsense ads.There is no limit on the time and turns banner ads. Very simple, please write and make money. 

Flixya is a video sharing site / free clips like YouTube, Metacafe, Stupidvideos ... v.. V. 
You can upload directly to the video / clip or embed the clip was posted from Youtube, Google Video, Daily Motion and other video sharing sites. Policy of this site is shared 50-50 and you will receive 50% of income from the clicks that this page gives the video / clip you submit. The more traffic to the video / clip that you posted, you will earn more. 

Swicki is a site that allows users to create custom search / selection like Google Custom Seach. 
After entering your Adsense ID, the advertising will be immediately displayed on the search results page. 

For each of the advertising effect on your swicki, you'll receive 50% of income from ad impressions and clicks. Your earnings will be paid by Eurekster. 

Senserly.com is a website for storing content. 
Senserely.com devotes an appropriate location to display Google AdSense ads by members to help them increase revenue. After registering as a member, then Senserly.com shall automatically become the main page of your website.You can post, share experiences any topic that you feel fully agree and will display Adsense ads on it and of course your money will grow daily. 

You just need to add your adsense code in hubpages and then you have to give them authority.Hubpages will take your 50 adsense revenue that will be generated from you hubs at hubpages.So more hubs you can write more you can earn there.

The above are general sites to help you increase your Adsense income without having to have a separate blog or website.