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After a month adsenseco published on the internet under the title: "Adsense code converter, Adsense Performance" was the top one is searching on Google.com, over 5,610,000 results. Below is the image
search on Google.com on 07/30/2011. How to achieve that ranking? Adsenseco will share my experiences so that you know.

Optimized for the website title - tips and experiences 

There have been many discussions on social networks, forums about seo optimization meta tag (tag description, keyword tags), today we will go into the optimization problem for the website title 
Everyone has different thoughts on title for website optimization, based on the knowledge learned about optimizing your website title and the deployment experience for their 450 guests will give the optimal method title of website to help you with the actual use of the website optimized title for his company's brand or customer. 

1. Look at the keywords for the website prior to optimization. Combine your keywords in the title tag is an "Art Seo." The use of keywords in the title will bring a very powerful effect. 

2. Put the keyword at the beginning. Because the highest priority will be to the left and descending to the right. The identification tag or the tag will help your key customer-oriented potential. This is an example website Mobile.vn laptopXa Road. Ministry from the first "Cheap Computer" will be the highest priority and descending to the right. Ministry from "Computer" under the line has a lower priority. 

3. Limit the length of the title in about 60 to 70 characters. On the search results, Google only displays a maximum of 70 characters. So there will be no longer effective, whereas increased the size of the page. Empirically, we should be limited to 60 characters including spaces is the best 

4. Should select the keywords instead choose from a short course. This is an issue related to arts marketing. The segment will give you better the efficiency. Use the brief keyword (large segment) sometimes will make your effort and not effective as that for high level competition and does not represent the exact needs of the user search. 

5. Mat of the keywords is of great concern when optimizing your title. With a density of about 1-2 times repeated that the best density without the user feel "sick." A title does not provide much information that only contains a series of keywords, you see?

6. Use variations of keywords to describe a topic of interest. For example, the theme is "smoking septic tanks." We will have variations of the keywords like?. Legal consultancy services, professional legal advice, law consulting firm headed, counseling methods to lose weight, ..... The use of these variables can help you avoid repeating the situation spam keywords on title and give users more information about your services more. 

You need to avoid the error after the optimization title: 
- All pages have the same one title: it will waste a lot of potential opportunities from the article or page you in your website 
- Waste not use keywords that accurately describe: Many website to the default title or company name that is not related to products or services: Home, Hompage, Company ABC .. . this reduces the area attractive to users when looking at the title 
- Keyword stuffing. Few people will click on a title in the search results only include all keywords. Google does not like that.Example of a keyword stuffed title: Money counter, money counting machine, counting, money machine, counting, money ... 

Optimization of title (title tag optimization) is an important step in the strategy seo. A good headline displayed on the search results will bring a lot of potential customers and business efficiency is very high. 
I wish you success in getting high rankings on the web!