Can Google Adsense be the Pension for the Youth ?

When you reach a certain age which varies from country to country a system starts to pay you a weekly amount for being that age. Well you deserve it; you have worked your entire life, paid taxes, hopefully saved some money and can now retire with the assurance you will receive a small amount extra per week. Recently a person I know got into this bracket and he started to receive the cheques and he still works. This started to make me think about how I could set up my life to receive in a sense a pension of my own while still working at my job as a web
designer. I am 27 years old so I am far from being retired however I like to think there are opportunities out there which could allow me a similar system. I run a few social communities which earn a small amount with Google’s adsense, however it’s this small amount which has got me thinking that adsense could be the pension of the youth. By spending roughly an hour a day on these websites chatting and adding articles, uploading photos (not to different from facebook) I can earn a small amount from adsense 24 hours a day and 7 days a week till the life of the internet ends. When I go on holiday adsense is still earning me money. The most interesting thing is that it’s enjoyable to run and it’s done in my spare time when I feel like doing it.

With this blog I want to be realistic with what you can earn on the internet. Some website communities earn lots of money others earn a few cents a day. This blog will be focused on optimizing your website and life so that you can learn to earn a pension a week, while maintaining a normal life (working, exercise, watch tv, go on holiday – the normal stuff). Because this is a blog I will also post about everyday stuff which might not be relevant however as I learn more I shall post!