The Best Performing Banner Size for Google AdSense

Part of optimization of Google adsense is to get an idea of what Ad sizes you should use to maximize the likelihood someone will see the ad and get interested in it.

The best ad size will vary according to the location the ad will be placed on the page and layout of the page. I have done a lot of research on my own website with regards to the best placement to attract a user’s

Here is my list of the best size ads that I use on my websites (I don’t bother with any other sizes because I have found they don’t work):

- 728 x 90 banner ad

- 160 x 600 wide skyscraper

- 120 x 600 skyscraper

- 336 x 280 large rectangle

- 300 x 250 medium rectangle

728 x 90 adsense ad works best in the header next to your logo. This will usually mean making your logo a bit smaller and less dominate, however with some creative touches you can make your logo still stand out. Place this ad to the right of your logo. I usually incase the adsense ad within a div tag with a float right and 15pixel margin between the logo. This Banner will also work well in a forum situation. To check out the best Adsense Ad layout for a forum click this link. If you are using this next to your logo make sure you only display images as I have found text doesn’t look that great and CTR (click through rate) drops.

160 x 600 adsense ad is best placed on the right side of your page acting as a sidebar. This size Google ad will usually produce an image if you have both image and text checked (this is because this is a standard size ad that advertises target when producing them). The smaller of the skyscraper ads (120 x 600) will usually produce text results. Because of this I have found that this size ad works best as displaying as an image only.

120 x 600 adsense ad is best placed as a sidebar where you would expect your navigation to be. This is usually on the left sidebar. Since these will usually only show text advertising I have found that text ads work best here. Images almost never gain attention on the left sidebar so it’s worth selecting this as text.

336 x 280 adsense ad is best place on the right sidebar and will work as both an image or text advertisement. I have found a lot of sidebars are 250px or 300px wide so you may need to edit your template to fit this in. It is larger than the medium rectangle however it looks a lot better for text ads and also displays extra ads. Other locations might be just under the headline of an article you have written or at the very end of an article as text ads.

300 x 250 adsense ad this is best placed either on the right sidebar or just under the headline of an article. This is a useful ad if you are stuck with a 300px wide sidebar however where this ad excels is as an image or text just under the headline of an article. If you css style this ad to float “left” just under the headline and wrap the body text around it, it will produce some great results. It also looks very clean when compared to the larger rectangle in the same position.